Can you fill the bill?

My Maid's are expected to clean, service, and in all ways pamper the Mistress As She see's fit!

I do not accept part time Sissies for this training.

You will be required to purchase a few things for this course all are at cost to me not retails.

CBT device
the CB6000 or CB6000S your cost $75.00 retail is 150 - 200
Vibrating Prostate massager 11.00 retail is  20-30
petticoat 13.00 will fit you,  retail is 25.00
garter belt 9.00  retail is 15.00
stockings as needed 3.00 each retail is 5-10

Beginning Program

4 week program:

Your training will be extensive.  Consisting of:  Milking (a must to stop the dribbling)  3x per week
Petticoat and etiquette training.  1x per week at the time of your milking
Posture and grace training.(you must learn to walk in 4" or higher heels to avoid spilling and making messes) 1x per week at the time of your milking

Cost 30.00 per visit or $90.00 per week
Failure to complete the program and requests to come back will be penalized at the rate of 150.00 per week until you reach your previous level

Upon satisfactory completion of the above program you will graduate to the next Grade.

Sissy Maid in Training

This program is also 4 weeks in length
You will be required to purchase a maid costume that will fit you.
I will order have it delivered to dungeon  and you will pay generally about 40.00 I can not get these at cost
1 pair of black 4" or higher heels in your size I can provide at cost up to mens size 10 about 25.00 after that if you have bigger clumsy feet we will have to order and who knows the cost.
1 locking ornate box large enough to hold your vibrator, milking plate and asst other things 1 garment bag to hold your uniform

Only successful graduates of the beginners program will qualify for this program.

Full sissy training will begin each session with her milking 3x per week.
She will then be taught specific duties that will be assigned to her upon graduation. 
Penalties for poor performance are fast swift.
You will be taught domestic duties such as;
laundry, floor cleaning, dusting, Dish washing, Bathroom cleanliness spa cleaning, yard work etc....
Personal service to the Mistress shall include:  Preparing the Dungeon,
serving Mistress Tea & properly serving Dinner, preparing Mistress
bath, cleaning Mistress feet, Massage for Mistress

Cost of this program is 150.00 per week again if program is not completed there will be a penalty to return of 300.00 and you start over!

Upon graduation you will be eligible for Full Time sissy maid with-in the Lair, my Home.

Full Time sissy-maids are expected to live in, have a full time job outside the Lair (which will not be interfered with)
You will sign a slave contract (not legally binding) for your expected duties and all rules.
You will have 2 days off per week for your own personal time.
Have your own & maintain your own transportation of decent make and model.
The cost to allow you to live and serve with-in my home is
750.00 per Month
This includes dinner each day only, my kitchen is not your larder.

I have great plans for enlarging the Lair, we will be relocating to an even more upscale private area for an easy commute with-in the Tampa bay area.